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NewFeds Census Survey

We are conducting a short survey. The data will be used for aggregate analysis of the NewFeds community. It will help us plan NewFeds programs and outreach efforts. If you would prefer not to respond to some of the questions, simply skip them or type N/A.

Who is eligible to complete this survey? Anyone who has an MLS (or similar degree), including contractors, who currently work in federal government setting. We look forward to hearing from those who work in federal libraries, and we also welcome responses from NewFeds who are working in non-traditional librarian roles. Please note that we seek responses from individuals with less than five years in the LIS profession OR less than 5 years in government.

Thank you for your time and input.

-NewFeds Community Development Sub-Committee
(Questions? Write to us at:, ATTN: Community Development)


FEDLINK 2012 Spring Expo

You are cordially invited to attend the NewFeds Open House during the inaugural FEDLINK Spring Exposition:

The Madison Building of the Library of Congress

FEDLINK’s Spring Expo will be at the Madison Building

NewFeds Open House

Monday, May 14, 2012


Library of Congress

Madison Building, Sixth Floor, Mumford Room

The Madison Building of the Library of Congress

Madison Building

Preceding the Open House, please join NewFeds presenters for an informal lunch at the Madison Building Cafeteria, 12:00-1:00pm.

See: FEDLINK Expo information and agenda

What plans we make

At the NewFeds Quarterly Meeting on April 25, 2012, membership approved a Strategic Plan to set course through 2012-2015.

View or download the Strategic Plan as a PDF: NewFeds – Strategic Plan 2012-2015 (25Apr12)

NewFeds Strategic Plan 2012-2015

To be a leader in professional development, community building, and advocacy for early-career government Library and Information Science professionals.

The NewFeds mission is to support the development and advancement of early-career Library and Information Science (LIS) professionals by focusing on community building, skill enhancement, and leadership development. Through collaborative activities with FEDLINK and professional associations, NewFeds raises awareness about LIS competencies, best practices, and issues relevant to federal library and information environments. NewFeds seeks to build a networked community of engaged federal information professionals.

Organizational Values
NewFeds is committed to:

  • Supporting and extending FEDLINK’s mission and goals
  • Collaboration and transparency
  • Professional ethics, respect, and diversity Lifelong learning and innovation
  • Community support and development

Strategic Goals

Strategic Goal #1-Build NewFeds’ Capacity through Planning and Infrastructure Development
Objective 1: Define, develop, and bolster the organization’s Sub-Committee and leadership structure.
Objective 2: Create internal processes and planning documents to guide the organization and support NewFeds in executing its programs and sustaining its community.
Objective 3: Establish a planning system to schedule meetings and program proposals a year in advance.
Objective 4: Leverage FEDLINK support by identifying and utilizing available tools, resources, mentors, and services.
Objective 5: Develop a mechanism for evaluating the value of NewFeds programs and services.

Strategic Goal #2- Engage Stakeholders and Build Community
Objective 1: Increase member participation and Sub-Committee volunteering by identifying interests and needs, as well as utilizing technology to eliminate barriers to involvement.
Objective 2: Increase opportunities for social interaction and professional networking through in-person and virtual engagement.
Objective 3: Develop a mechanism for recognizing member contributions and accomplishments.
Objective 4: Strengthen collaboration with FEDLINK Working Groups, Advisory Board, and staff members.
Objective 5: Enhance collaboration with LIS professional associations and other groups.

Strategic Goal #3- Leverage Communications for Visibility and Engagement
Objective 1: Develop a Communications Strategy for internal and external communication with members and stakeholders.
Objective 2: Establish a public relations mechanism for gathering and disseminating organizational success stories.
Objective 3: Increase NewFeds’ web and social media presence.
Objective 4: Encourage NewFeds members to serve as ambassadors for the organization.

Strategic Goal #4- Prepare and Advance the Early-Career Federal Library & Information Science (LIS) Workforce
Objective 1: Collaborate with stakeholders to increase opportunities for and access to continuing education and career development training.
Objective 2: Lead advocacy efforts for critical issues impacting the early-career LIS workforce.
Objective 3: Increase awareness of the skills, value, and impact of the early-career LIS government workforce.
Objective 4: Provide networking, informal mentoring, and career development opportunities for students and credentialed LIS professionals interested in government careers.

Find us at #ALAMW12

We’re at the ALA MidWinter Meeting in Dallas, TX (yeehaw!) wearing ribbons and giving them away. Come find us here, there and everywhere!

We're wearing ribbons, come & get one!

Are you engaged?

As NewFeds builds momentum, we seek to expand our membership base and engage that membership in professional and social activity.

Have you attended a NewFeds social gathering? Pursued an advertised publication or conference opportunity? Volunteered for a sub-committee?

Join us!

NewFeds Sub-Committees:

  • Communications
  • Community Development
  • Professional Development
  • Social
Norfolk Waterfront

The sun rises over the Elizabeth River during Military Libraries Workshop in Norfolk, 12/08/2011

Through a router, virtually

What does a community look like?

Beyond cable and wireless connectivity, we are some of us represented spatially in the Federal Library Directory compiled under the auspices of the Federal Library and Information Center Committee (FLICC), courtesy of the Federal Research Division (FRD).

Spend some time with the interactive map or list to orient yourself geographically and learn about peers.

You may also want to review, for the first or nth time, the FLICC Human Resources Working Group Librarian Competencies 2011.

Map of federal libraries compiled by Federal Research Division

Map of federal libraries compiled by Federal Research Division

Welcome to Sandbox Central!

Thank you for visiting.

We are testing the capabilities of this WordPress CMS as a possible happy home for the NewFeds website by experimenting with boxes, pages, and widgets galore. This site is a work in progress!

To contact NewFeds with comments, questions, or suggestions, please complete the online contact form or e-mail fliccnewfeds [at] gmail [dot] com.