NewFeds Programs @ FEDLINK 2012 Fall Expo

You are invited to join NewFeds at presentations during the FEDLINK 2012 Fall Expo: “Building Foundations.”

Program: NewFeds Open House
Where: Library of Congress, Madison Building, Room 139
When: Thursday, 25 Oct, 1:00-1:45 PM EST
*Live web streaming is available but registration is required (see below)
Join us to learn more about the FEDLINK New Librarians “NewFeds” Working Group!  We will review our FY2012 accomplishments, share results of the NewFeds Census, and announce recipients of the NewFed of the Year and NewFeds Catalyst Awards.  Moderated by Aimee Babcock-Ellis.

Program: Forging a Digital Roadmap:The Preservation, Curation, and Stewardship Nexus
Where: Library of Congress, Madison Building, Room 139
When: Thursday, 25 Oct, 2:00-4:00 PM EST

*Live web streaming is available but registration is required (see below)

The program will feature  a keynote presentation by Digital Archivist Butch Lazorchak on the intersection and distinction between digital preservation, curation, and stewardship.  Mr. Lazorchak will also discuss key trends, challenges, and future opportunities in this area.  Erin Engle will discuss the National Digital Preservation Program’s current initiatives and Anne Harrison of FEDLINK will share information about the Preservation Working Group.  The program will conclude with a NewFeds case study panel of early-career government information professionals involved in digital projects, followed by a moderated audience dialogue.  Panelists include: Robin Butterhof, Bianca Crowley, Wanda Davila, and Piper Mullins.  Moderated by Kristin Carr and Jessica Hernandez.  This program is sponsored by the NewFeds Working Group and Preservation Working Group.

Registration Details

The programs are free and open to all, but registration is required.

Register to attend the FEDLINK 2012 Fall Exposition, in-person or virtually via iCohere, at

For more information about the Expo, please see the FEDLINK meeting announcement at


NewFeds Catalyst Award – Nominations Accepted until 10 OCT 2012

Now Accepting Nominations for the NewFeds Catalyst Award

Barred Spiral Galaxy NGC 1300

Credit: NASA, ESA, and The Hubble Heritage Team (STScI/AURA)
Acknowledgment: P. Knezek (WIYN)

The New Librarians “NewFeds” Working Group is pleased to announce a new internal award to recognize our members’ ingenuity and professional impact.
The NewFeds Catalyst Award is for a NewFed who has demonstrated passion, creativity, and vision in addressing challenges and driving change in federal libraries and information environments in the last fiscal year. Special consideration will be given to nominees who found ways to collaborate or share their knowledge with other NewFeds and/or Library & Information Science colleagues.

This competitive NewFeds Working Group award is open to early-career credentialed LIS Professionals working in federal libraries or information environments with less than 5 years of experience. This includes federal employees, contractors, and fellows who hold a Master’s Degree in Library & Information Science. All NewFeds are eligible for consideration.

The nomination deadline for this award is Wednesday, October 10th. Please submit a 300-500 word letter of support detailing why the individual you are nominating deserves this award. Self-nominations are welcomed.

Be sure to include nominee’s title, organization, professional contact information, two references, and resume. The criteria for this award will be based on demonstrated spirit and ingenuity in bringing innovation to federal libraries and information environments, as well as the impact and significance of work endeavors.

Please send application materials to, Attn: NewFeds Catalyst Award.

1st International NewFeds event!

On Sunday, August 26, the NewFeds hosted their first international event–the 2nd Annual NewFeds Virtual Conference Redux! Congratulations to NewFeds Abi Morgan, Jennifer Davis, Ayaba Logan, and Danielle Walker for presenting about their conference experiences. Many thanks to our special guest presenter, Sebastian Wilke, for joining us to speak about IFLACamp. Mr. Wilke participated from Berlin, Germany, where he studies Library and Information Science and Musicology at Humboldt-Universität.

We successfully recorded part of the Redux, including the presentations by Danielle Walker and Sebastian Wilke. The recording of that portion of the Redux is available at:

Due to technical difficulties, our other presenters were not able to record audio via Adobe Connect. Thanks to their flexibility, we continued the Redux via conference call only. Our presentation is available at: NewFeds Redux 2012 Slides

Many thanks to our presenters and participants!

2nd Annual NewFeds Virtual Conference Redux

Join us for the 2nd Annual NewFeds Virtual Conference Redux!

Who: The NewFeds Professional Development Sub-Committee is
coordinating the Redux with participation from several NewFeds and
Special Guest, Mr. Sebastian Wilke from IFLA’s New Professionals
Special Interest Group (NPSIG).

When: Sunday, August 26 at 11:00AM (Eastern)

Where: Online via AdobeConnect:  AND with conference call
dial in: 1-626-677-3000, participant code: 8124885

NOTE: We intend to record the Redux, so if you are not able to join us
“live” you will be able to listen to the recording at your leisure.

Why:  Learn from your peers about key takeaways and highlights from
the conferences they have attended this summer. Join the discussion
and Q&A after the presentations to share your own experiences.
Alternately, we invite you to write a conference-related guest post on
our site ( It would be a great way
to “re-purpose” a trip report you wrote for work.

Please contact Caralyn Champa ( with any
questions about the Redux.

NewFeds Census Survey

We are conducting a short survey. The data will be used for aggregate analysis of the NewFeds community. It will help us plan NewFeds programs and outreach efforts. If you would prefer not to respond to some of the questions, simply skip them or type N/A.

Who is eligible to complete this survey? Anyone who has an MLS (or similar degree), including contractors, who currently work in federal government setting. We look forward to hearing from those who work in federal libraries, and we also welcome responses from NewFeds who are working in non-traditional librarian roles. Please note that we seek responses from individuals with less than five years in the LIS profession OR less than 5 years in government.

Thank you for your time and input.

-NewFeds Community Development Sub-Committee
(Questions? Write to us at:, ATTN: Community Development)

Such great heights: NewFed Notables

NewFeds seeks to gather information about recent membership accomplishments for a new edition of NewFed Notables.  Please e-mail to inform us of your successes.

View of skycrapers from Willis Tower

View of skyscrapers from Willis Tower, July 2012

Meantime, we want to again recognize and congratulate the NewFeds who appear in the NewFed Notables May 2012 edition.  Kudos!

In the news, in LibraryJournal

We at NewFeds are excited to be featured at LibraryJournal.


News, CC0 Public Domain Dedication image by OpenClipArt user DooFi

Fresh off the digital press, you can read Michelle Lee’s work here:  New Feds Working Group Supports Librarians in Government.

Quoted in the piece are Working Group co-founders Jessica Hernandez and Aimee Babcock-Ellis, Professional Development Sub-Committee Co-Chair Caralyn Champa, and Communications Sub-Committee Co-Chair Danielle Walker.  We appreciate, too, the enthusiastic support of executive director of FEDLINK, Mr. Blane Dessy.

2012: 2nd Annual NewFeds Virtual Conference Redux

On behalf of Ms. Caralyn Champa, Co-Chair, NewFeds Professional Development Sub-Committee:

The 2nd Annual NewFeds Virtual Conference Redux will take place on Sunday, August 26 at 11:00AM (Eastern) via AdobeConnect. The event will be recorded, so if you are not able to join us “live” you will be able to listen to the recording at your leisure.

This year, we will hear from NewFeds who attended ALA, SLA, a Copyright Conference, and possibly others. In addition, Mr. Sebastian Wilke from the New Professionals Special Interest Group (NPSIG), a part of IFLA will tell us about the NPSIG camp he and his colleagues organized in advance of the 2012 IFLA Conference in Finland.

At this point, we have room for 2 more presenters (10 minute slots). Alternately, we invite you to write a conference-related guest post on our site ( It would be a great way to “re-purpose” a trip report you wrote for work.

Please contact Caralyn Champa (, ATTN: Conference Redux) if you are interested in sharing highlights from your summer conference experiences.

2012: a year in conferences

Spring and summer are laden with conferences, educational programming, and meetings.  So, too, do developmental events of other seasons mark our calendars.

Anaheim Convention Center

View of palm trees through windows of Anaheim Convention Center, ALA 2012

One of many palm trees near Anaheim Convention Center, ALA 2012
One of many palm trees near Anaheim Convention Center

A Lampost for Tourists
Disney lampost lights the way for information professionals in Anaheim during ALA 2012

Have you a desire to share lessons and tools with fellow NewFeds, across geography and time zones?  We are pleased to announce the Professional Development Sub-Committee plans to offer another Conference Redux.  Take advantage of this opportunity to present information to a receptive audience in a professional setting.  Not only can you gain valuable experience, you might also connect colleagues to new ideas and insights.

View of Lake Michigan from windows of McCormick Place, Chicago, SLA 2012

View of Lake Michigan from windows of McCormick Place, Chicago, SLA 2012

NewFeds ribbon held aloft over Lake Michigan, Chicago, SLA 2012
NewFeds convened in Chicago for SLA 2012 in role of speaker and audience, illustrated by one combination of identification ribbons

Chicago skyscraper and "L" along S. Wabash Ave.
Chicago skyscraper and “L” along S. Wabash Ave.

Those who do not participate as speakers are welcomed to listen and interact with presenters.

Please stay tuned for additional information.  Comments and inquiries can be directed to

Additionally, please consider documenting your presence at professional events with photographs and sharing your activities with NewFeds.

Link to NewFeds Tech Training: Zotero

On June 13, 2012, Ms. Leia Dickerson introduced 23 members of the NewFeds community to Zotero during the inaugural NewFeds Tech Training session! Many thanks to Ms. Caralyn Champa, co-chair of the NewFeds Professional Development Sub-Committee for organizing the training, and thanks to our NewFeds colleagues at the FDA who hosted it on AdobeConnect. Offering the Tech Training online allowed LIS professionals from all over the U.S. to take part, including participants from Portsmouth,VA, Fort Riley, KS, FT Polk, LA, and the US Coast Guard Academy Library (to name just a few!).

For folks who were not able to attend “live”, here is a link to a recording of the training:

Happy Learning, and a couple of tips:

  • Please fast forward to ~1 minute 15 secs to the “Welcome and
  • Skip from minute 14:50 until 19:00. (We had a technical hiccup and there is some silence while we were troubleshooting).

If you would like to propose a topic for a future NewFeds Tech Training, please email: ATTN: Professional Development.