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2012: a year in conferences

Spring and summer are laden with conferences, educational programming, and meetings.  So, too, do developmental events of other seasons mark our calendars.

Anaheim Convention Center

View of palm trees through windows of Anaheim Convention Center, ALA 2012

One of many palm trees near Anaheim Convention Center, ALA 2012
One of many palm trees near Anaheim Convention Center

A Lampost for Tourists
Disney lampost lights the way for information professionals in Anaheim during ALA 2012

Have you a desire to share lessons and tools with fellow NewFeds, across geography and time zones?  We are pleased to announce the Professional Development Sub-Committee plans to offer another Conference Redux.  Take advantage of this opportunity to present information to a receptive audience in a professional setting.  Not only can you gain valuable experience, you might also connect colleagues to new ideas and insights.

View of Lake Michigan from windows of McCormick Place, Chicago, SLA 2012

View of Lake Michigan from windows of McCormick Place, Chicago, SLA 2012

NewFeds ribbon held aloft over Lake Michigan, Chicago, SLA 2012
NewFeds convened in Chicago for SLA 2012 in role of speaker and audience, illustrated by one combination of identification ribbons

Chicago skyscraper and "L" along S. Wabash Ave.
Chicago skyscraper and “L” along S. Wabash Ave.

Those who do not participate as speakers are welcomed to listen and interact with presenters.

Please stay tuned for additional information.  Comments and inquiries can be directed to

Additionally, please consider documenting your presence at professional events with photographs and sharing your activities with NewFeds.

Link to NewFeds Tech Training: Zotero

On June 13, 2012, Ms. Leia Dickerson introduced 23 members of the NewFeds community to Zotero during the inaugural NewFeds Tech Training session! Many thanks to Ms. Caralyn Champa, co-chair of the NewFeds Professional Development Sub-Committee for organizing the training, and thanks to our NewFeds colleagues at the FDA who hosted it on AdobeConnect. Offering the Tech Training online allowed LIS professionals from all over the U.S. to take part, including participants from Portsmouth,VA, Fort Riley, KS, FT Polk, LA, and the US Coast Guard Academy Library (to name just a few!).

For folks who were not able to attend “live”, here is a link to a recording of the training:

Happy Learning, and a couple of tips:

  • Please fast forward to ~1 minute 15 secs to the “Welcome and
  • Skip from minute 14:50 until 19:00. (We had a technical hiccup and there is some silence while we were troubleshooting).

If you would like to propose a topic for a future NewFeds Tech Training, please email: ATTN: Professional Development.

NewFeds Social @ SLA, Chicago

June offered the opportunity for a West Coast meet-up at ALA in Anaheim, CA, in addition to the quarterly social in Washington, DC.  The next rendezvous will be a place in-between.

Will you be in Chicago for SLA 2012?  What better way to spend a summer evening than dining and conversing with fellow NewFeds?

When: Sunday, July 15, 8:30 PM

Where: Lao Sze Chuan (Chinatown), 2172 South Archer Ave., Chicago, IL 60616

RSVP: Please respond by July 14 at 12 PM CT so Leia Dickerson can make reservations.

Send RSVPs to, ATTN: Social Sub-Committee.

NewFeds Social at ALA, Anaheim

NewFeds Conference Meet-Up at ALA 2012,   Anaheim, CA, 22 June

NewFeds Quarterly Social, Washington, DC

NewFeds Quarterly Social, Washington, DC, 10 June

See you in Chicago!