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NewFeds Census Survey


We are conducting a short survey. The data will be used for aggregate analysis of the NewFeds community. It will help us plan NewFeds programs and outreach efforts. If you would prefer not to respond to some of the questions, simply skip them or type N/A.

Who is eligible to complete this survey? Anyone who has an MLS (or similar degree), including contractors, who currently work in federal government setting. We look forward to hearing from those who work in federal libraries, and we also welcome responses from NewFeds who are working in non-traditional librarian roles. Please note that we seek responses from individuals with less than five years in the LIS profession OR less than 5 years in government.

Thank you for your time and input.

-NewFeds Community Development Sub-Committee
(Questions? Write to us at: newfedsinfo@gmail.com, ATTN: Community Development)