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Such great heights: NewFed Notables

NewFeds seeks to gather information about recent membership accomplishments for a new edition of NewFed Notables.  Please e-mail to inform us of your successes.

View of skycrapers from Willis Tower

View of skyscrapers from Willis Tower, July 2012

Meantime, we want to again recognize and congratulate the NewFeds who appear in the NewFed Notables May 2012 edition.  Kudos!

In the news, in LibraryJournal

We at NewFeds are excited to be featured at LibraryJournal.


News, CC0 Public Domain Dedication image by OpenClipArt user DooFi

Fresh off the digital press, you can read Michelle Lee’s work here:  New Feds Working Group Supports Librarians in Government.

Quoted in the piece are Working Group co-founders Jessica Hernandez and Aimee Babcock-Ellis, Professional Development Sub-Committee Co-Chair Caralyn Champa, and Communications Sub-Committee Co-Chair Danielle Walker.  We appreciate, too, the enthusiastic support of executive director of FEDLINK, Mr. Blane Dessy.